The Quest Agenda For A New Ane’Igala

A gathering in Ane Igala

By Ajogwu Ochada

Once upon a time, Ane Igala was widely known as the Igala nation with a prestigious Gabaidu exercising supreme authority many miles across the Niger. Attah Igala was a respected figure full of unwavering prominence within and outside the borders of Nigeria. We had a rich cultural heritage mystified to co-opt unity, peace and harmony – the brightest foresight of communal coexistence uplifting the kingdom to the limelight.

In time past, hatred amongst our kinsmen was a limiting factor; thus, it was not featured because of the all-encompassing seed of prosperity sowed by our ancestors; the bountiful harvest was uprooted, looted and sold to aliens by the cursed extraction of classified detractors championing egocentric merchandise for tyrants of shenanigans flair lacking moral value. It is a sharp deviation from the way and life of our ancestors who were reputably trusted, wielding an overwhelming trace of uncommon integrity that survived the test of time.

Sadly, the blossoming territories of Ayegba Om’Idoko are now bleeding without a guard; the fortune of our land is tossed on the rivers of confusion, commotion and oppression whereby strangers are now making jest of our collective destinies perhaps because we derailed, but Ane Igala must win back the provincial elements of our lost glory. The spark that burst into flames must be extinguished in our time before we reach our prime else, generations unborn would hold our indulgence to ransom. Therefore, it is instructive we activate a paradigm shift because we are all living for a purpose, and the relativity of our existence must not be defeated.

It is an ample basking time to stitch old wounds that are still bleeding by learning how to suffocate ethnic plights in unison; by evoking tangible pathways of collective interest anchored on the rare margins of selfless service, sincerity of purpose and respect for traditional rulers who have proven over time to be true ambassadors of the Igala race. The love for Ane’Igala should not be bargained on the altars of mediocrity because the task ahead is not solo; it is a charge of liberation where every living citizen of the Igala nation is a foot soldier.

The sterling qualities of our heroes past must be resurrected because it is time to emulate trailblazers like Inikpi Oma Ufedo, Attah Ameh Oboni and Dr Steven Om’koji Achema, who believed in the blissful prospects of a united Ane’Igala and sacrificed a bulk of their life and times (perhaps their spirit) for the development of the kingdom. These martyrs are shedding tears of blood in disbelief of ugly happenings tragically witnessed in the Igala nation. This is not the best format to repay the goodwill of our ancestors. We do not need the services of a soothsayer to inform our priests that we have activated the wrath of the gods and a passionate purification is imminent.


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