Ane Igala: Redefining Glorious Path of Greatness

God bless Igala land (Photo Credit: IgalaProject/atayibabs)

By Ajogwu Jerry Ochada

No matter the condition of the jungle, the lion is not anticipated to eat grass.

The Igala nation is waxing stronger in the face of recurrent setbacks orchestrated by egocentric factors; personal misunderstandings, over ambitious misbehaviour and careless undertakings risking the progress of a once-upon-a-time magnificent pinnacle of adorable ascension. This is just a phase and a glance over the pages of history as no nation ascended greater heights without passing through darker moments.

There is a huge task ahead for well-meaning Igala youth to champion the cause of ethnic liberation in the face of primitive abnormalities where politics is drafted to supersede ethnic progressions.

It hurts the conscience of men and women of goodwill as they watch helplessly, the moribund activities of supposed kinsmen who are quick to subscribe to pranks in a gathering of detractors meanwhile their ancestral home is long ablaze amidst misplacement of priorities.

It is also shaming to underscore demeaning atrocities committed by supposed vanguard of viable change misbehaving as shaky ambassadors of disastrous blunder. It is a sin against humanity to pitch tent with an oppressor because of selfish purposes; may the land of Ayegba Om’Idoko repay saboteurs according to their heart desires.

It is high time the Igala nation had a rethink by grabbing big shoulders to lean on. This adoption should not be by compulsion but an ample style of uniting result-oriented forces budding a strategic anthem that can attract dividends at the national front thereby winning graceful emblems in favor of the Igala race.

Politics should not be a dividing factor in clamouring for peace, mutual understanding and development. We must understand this potent logic; before politics we are first of all Igalas therefore political attainments, political engagements and political party agenda is secondary in the face of all discourse and yearnings.

Be that as it may, the Igala nation is presently living in the shadows of past glory amidst abandoned inheritance. The prestigious lion is now roaming the jungle obviously relegated in the council of national importance thus, it is imperative for kingmakers and appointed decision makers to align in order to solve the puzzle.

It is also a distress time for every son and daughter of Ane Igala to introspect the way forward before it is too late. The best time to preach unity and forgiveness is now because no man is an Island. The drawing board is blank and we do not need any soothsayer to explain the era of weak structural defects; a season of mutinying discord and a bitter phase of communal abandonment in search of personal interest, triggered by greed.

Igala Agenda in the face of this lingering quagmire should be codified in memorial of our heroes past who sacrificed personal comfort and interest for the colorful triumph of communal value. Therefore, we must not forget in a jiffy, the immeasurable but long lasting contributions of Attah Ameh Oboni, Dr Stephen Achema, Prince Abubakar Audu, Professor Francis Idachaba, Chief Amodu Ali, Chief Sylvester Onoja and host of others who contributed their quota in the past decades.

It is mind boggling and advisable that the indefatigable roles played by these great men is worthy of emulation. Also, in contemporary assessments, we must commend few men and women of Igala extraction who have sustained the tempo in the 21st century by propelling the wheels of Igala unity and development through human capital development and philanthropic strive.

Worthy of note are: Elder Sam Okedi, Hajia Salamatu Baiwa, Chief Edward Onoja, Elder Phrank Shaibu, Professor Seidu Ogah, Dr Sunday Omogani, Prince Moses Onuche, Dr Ibrahim Wada, Chief Ogwu Onoja, Pharmacist Peter Iduh, Comrade Moses Abdullahi, Chief Ocholi Yusuf, Amb Tony Ogah and few other notable personalities who have distinguished themselves through selfless service rendered in favor of the Igala race.

We cannot exonerate some of the old breed of political actors who are quick to speak from both sides of their mouths with premium focus on monetary gain. All is vanity! It is everlastingly compensating to be known for truth and admirable integrity without dent.

Monetary acquisitions are materialistic measure but sectional attestation of good character is a monumental attainment of superlative value. This should be a perfect guide by redefining the glorious path of Igala greatness. The new paradigm should feature in its purest form proactive ideals that inspired a prosperous Ane Igala and Abo Igala in the time past.

A prudent reflection on the sincerity of purpose showcased by great nationalists of Igala origin in the past years should be studied in order to have a rethink; it is time to move forward without second thoughts. The unity of Igala nation cannot be bargained on the timeline of frivolities because we are fast becoming a laughing stock in terms of national relevance.

Conclusively, the search for a new traditional ruler to oversee the affairs of Ane Igala should be done with caution. Cultural modalities must be imbibed because the emergence of a new Attah Igala will paint a bigger picture of peaceful coexistence if traditional provisions are maximized without political influence or shady dealings.

Furthermore, trending debates concerning the choice of who becomes the next Attah is not an agenda of social media dialogues. We must respect the revered stool by allowing kingmakers to do the needful without interrupting the process. The task for all kingmakers is simple: laid down traditions as they concern qualification of any heir to the throne should not be trashed and above all, the recent gazette authenticated by Governor Idris Wada should be consulted and utilized as a guide. If there is any derailment in this regard, it would further blunt the sword of perfection anticipated for a new order of ascension.

Abomi Igala!
There is light at the end of the tunnel because the best of Ane Igala and descendants of Ayegba Om’Idoko is yet to come. We must take courage by learning from past deviations in order to build a solidified bridge of prosperous unity. This can only be achieved through cultural reorientation (embracing sacrificial ethics) by learning how to bury differences; nevertheless, understanding the bond our ancestors shared should be a revolutionary target.

It is not wishful thinking – Ane Igala must nyogba – and the present stage of Igala history will soon become a tale of old ordeals. The Igala nation must not trivialize the stentorian effect of speaking with one voice because unity in diversity is key to nation building and ours is not an exception.


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