UFẸDỌ MAMA (Mother’s Day Reflections)

the face of an Igala mother

By Rev Fr Boniface Opaluwa (#ökakachiodoba #igalafada) 

It’s the season of Mother’s Day celebrations.  We have different days for this very good celebration because of the way it’s observed in different countries and different churches.

UK celebrates mothers day which they also call MOTHERING SUNDAY on the 4th Sunday of Lent.

In the US, it took its own dimension due to the influence of Anna Jarvis. She spearheaded the popularization of the celebration in the States. Because of her influence in West Virginia where this celebration spread out from, they set their date to May. Precisely second Sunday of May. Anna Jarvis lost her mother in May.

Personally, I do not have any problems with people celebrating Mother’s day on any day of their choosing. It is even acceptable for whoever wants to celebrate his mother everyday of the 365 days for which it takes the earth to completes its orbital course.

I come as a preacher. A preacher of love and war. If you love your mother, then you are at peace. If you show her love, then God will love you. If you don’t love your mother and you don’t show her love, war is brewing in your life. There is no escape from this inexorable law. We reap what we sow.

To make a public show of what exist privately or even semi-publicly is commendable as it can instigate others into the practice of what is noble and laudable. But to publicly display what does not exist privately is not only a blasphemous charade, but also a sinful yahoo yahooism.

When you haven’t spoken to your mum in ages. Some their mothers died without imparting blessings of goodwill to them because of how they treated and maltreated her. Yet they shamelessly post her picture all in the name of hopping onto the bandwagon. I can hear the sound of roaring WAR. It’s coming to you. For you, I’m not a preacher of love. I’M A WAR!

Some have branded their mums as witches because some hunger-stricken ravenous and scavenging pseudo priests, pastors, imams and prophets have conned them into such hallucinations. Such lunatics who were conceived, born and nursed by their mothers. Fed and bred by their mothers. Carried and cared for by their mothers. Trained and tutored by their mothers. They now call their pastors’ wife Mummy.

While their mother, who has suddenly become a witch is languishing in pain and penury, they spend their earnings on the daddy G.O and Mummy G.O…… War is coming to you.

You are known in beer parlors across the city. You declare on all tables. Beer and roasted fish is flowing freely, yet the only time your mother tastes meat is on Christmas or Salah day. She is one of those who struggle for rice and meat at weddings and funerals. I say war is coming to you. WAR!

Your mum is busy doing prayer and fasting because of you. She has trekked and traversed all the prayer houses from Itobe to Adoka in search of breakthroughs for you. The little peep hole God has opened, fiam… You have bought iPhone for a girl who is demonically placed and poised to wreck and shred you like Kano kilishi.

Meanwhile your mothers  rubber ring-bounded Nokia torch light phone has stopped charging altogether. You now speak to her through her neighbors phone. Fayayayaya 🔥🔥🔥War is coming to you!

Charity begins at home. Don’t be a Father Christmas in Abuja when your mother goes to bed hungry in Ajetachi Anyigba. Don’t be the biggest tithe payer in Lagos Eko when your mother is a known debtor in every shop in Sabongeri Idah.

They are some women who do their best to make their husband hate his mother. Some to the point of even making him abandon his mother. War is waiting for you. War is awaiting you. Your own son will marry tomorrow. That is when you will receive the war you prepared when you made your husband turn against his mother. Your daughter-in-law will deal with you as you dealt with your mother-in-law. Payback time. WAR!

If you can’t repent and treat your mother well, then at least have small fear of God and a pint of modicum of respect for Honour her integrity by not coming to showcase what does not exist.

For those who truly love and care for their mothers, feel free to join every group( whether UK or US. Either Catholics or Anglicans) to celebrate Mother’s day. God bless you.

…… But war is coming to those who have decided to abandon their mothers for no just cause. For there is never any cause that can justify abandoning a mother.  

War! War! War!


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