A call to unity for the greater good of Igala land

when we are together

By Sule Isa Akagwu Kpaleko

Can we draw the conclusion that the curse that has been placed on our land by late Attah Ameh Oboni is still very active?

I cannot believe myself that the objectives behind every development association in Igala nation have been thwarted if not defeated as their recent efforts in playing to the gallery indicate. From Igala Cultural Development Association (ICDA), Ojuju Agbadufu, Igala National Solidarity Association (INSA), and to Igala Students Association (ISA) etc, stories abound that confirmed what Attah Ogbaikolo Ototolo had once said: “…unity and development shall be farfetched from Igala land after his death”.

It is worrisome and unfortunate several years after his demise we are still wallowing in shame, our pupils are schooling under the shade with the sun rays and rain drops falling on them unimpeded, while their contemporaries are in conducive environment using computer systems and advanced technology for study.

Igala nation were privileged to have produced heads of federal government’s strategic agencies, we have had Diplomats, Governors, Senators and Representatives yet the situation remains unchanged.

The following questions seems rhetorical for our people in position of authority except for the very few of them.

i. How many of them can we really say they had served us well?

ii. How many contributed to the growth and development of Igala economy, how many?

iii. What is the essence of building castles and industrial empires in other peoples land, when you cannot erect anything similar in your own backyard?

Come to think of it, home is home and so it shall remain and there is no any better place like home. The need for us to industrialise our home should be uppermost in our mind. Let the average Igala man at home have the wherewithal to train his children and compete with their contemporary.

Let us shake off the yoke of poverty hanging over Igala land like a damnable albatross. We need to stand neck-to-neck and shoulder-to-shoulder with our brothers and sisters in every sphere of life. Let our numerical size be our strength.

Let us forget the idea of “enene gwu unyi uwn a li oshu” (every one sights the moon from his house) and work together as a team to enhance social cohesion, understanding and togetherness to better our land.

Let us think of home, sweet home, let us contribute our quota to industrialise Igala nation for the unborn generations to enjoy the numerable blessing that God have bestowed on our great land. That way, the labour of our heroes past shall not be in vain. The enemy of Igala land be it within or without shall be destroyed for better things to happen in our land.

Indeed, Late Atta Aliyu Obaje says; “Akpane, Ane Akpa” (whoever destroys the land shall be destroyed by the land). Let’s unite for a better tomorrow, and may those who do not have the growth and development of Igala nation at heart never attain any position of responsibility in our name. Gone are those days when women have no place in our society, several women have made us proud, if women are the best alternative may they rise to positions of responsibility.

We need modern-day versions of late Isah Odoma, John Urah Ajibili, Steven Makoji Achema, Pa Momoh Iduh, Hajiya Zainab Idris, Alh. Yahaya Achenyo, Prince Abubakar Audu Hajia Salamatu Baiwa Eluma, Alhaji Jibrin Isah Echocho, Dr Ibrahim Wada, Pa Amodu Ali and several others that have written their names in the book of history of Igala nation.


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