Rethinking our past for a Post-COVID era

A CSDevNet advocacy activity on COVID-19 in Anyigba (Photo credit: CSDevNet)

By Samson Ameh Opaluwah

May we survive this COVID-19 pandemic in Jesus name. Amen.

Please let’s obey the instructions of our governments and health authorities. They mean well and wish to get us back to our normal lives as quickly as possible. Let’s give them our maximum cooperation and support.

Whilst at this, we need to start thinking of the post COVID-19 pandemic era. New opportunities will arise from the new norm. Our way of life will definitely change permanently in some areas. Our priorities and appreciation of God will be different now for the discerning.

What then should we do ? It is time to think!

New initiatives to address the new norm will be the right direction for those in business, manufacturing and industry. For those in public service, it is time to appreciate that there will be life after office – and your present substructure may no longer be there.

For the daily wage earner, the lock-down is a dress rehearsal for emergencies that may occur in the future rendering daily earnings impossible. Therefore, a more sustainable enterprise is key to a prosperous future.

Unemployment looms in the face of the impending economic downturn worldwide, therefore for the unemployed we need to strategize quickly during this lock-down.

Think about a skill you can quickly and conveniently acquire. You’ll never regret it. Today you can acquire skills even in the comfort of your bedroom. Hallelujah! God is good. He makes way where there is otherwise no way!

I plead with our leaders to join in the crusade of skills acquisition for the teeming African youths. This is a continental prerogative! We must put our youths to work by giving them skills. Only when they have skills can they meaningfully contribute to the economy without demeaning our collective humanity.

Africa needs to restore the middle class through skills acquisition, Entreprenureship and small scale industries. We can make it. We have the numbers, we have the intellect and we have the raw energy.

Let’s wake up. We can do it!


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