Attah idakwo Ameh surrounded by women

By Idu Nicholas Atabo-Ogboyi

We want to hear from our father, the Ata Igala. We would like to hear about his developmental and societal cohesion projects. How can his sons and daughters lend him their support in his efforts unless they are made aware in the first place?

We want to hear about his visits to different parts of his domain, and to his children, who today, live in other lands. We want to hear about visits and homage paid to the Ata in his palace. We would like to see his influence and reckoning increase amongst his subjects, and nationally.

We want our Ata to address us during major festivals – traditional and religious. We would love to appropriate and revel in the blessings he pronounces in his messages to us at the beginning of the year, and at other major festivities like Christmas, Easter and the Eids.

We would all love to be more educated (as much as public knowlege is permitted) about our culture and tradition when the Ata and/or his chiefs celebrate major festivals such as, Ocho, ere ane, Egbe Egume, Oganyi/Ogani at Idah and Ankpa, and many others across Igala land.

Ogijo d’unyi…!

When there are rumblings and disquiet in any part of his domain, and arguably a lot has been happening of late, like a loving father that he is to us, we would appreciate the Ata’s visits and statements to calm situations, and where necessary, his issuing of corresponding denunciation or condemnation.

Nationally too, our Ata should be seen to lend his voice to issues confronting the nation. As one of the most revered traditional rulers in Nigeria, leading a people that have greatly impacted other cultures and traditions up and down the Niger and beyond, we want to have his opinion on issues shaping our national discuss.

_Ata iko egbayi. ..

It has been said that the Ata normally does not travel cross seas and oceans, understandably because of the absence of the opportunities of modern-day transportation, and as hitherto, his subjects lived basically on Igala soil. A few years ago however, our Ata travelled to the USA at the invitation of his children over there to grace activities marking their Igala USA day. His children now live in cities across Nigeria and in the four wings of the earth!

We now understand how impracticable it would be for His Royalty Majesty to visit them all in these cities, but thank God for modern media. Now, it’s possible for our father, the Ata to speak with his children as often as it is necessary. The Ata, like most notable leaders today, can employ several social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram to communicate important information to his people.

Besides, the print and electronic media can be employed more efficiently to always put the Igala kingdom, the Ata and all his engagements in the news more frequently. His personal secretary or press secretary can be helped with needed media training to engage journalists and media houses more productively.

Ene ki me r’onu …

I am not conversant with all the protocol for communicating some of the above ideas to His Royalty Majesty, Ata Igala, and that is why I have decided to post it on a public platform like ours, so that others can add their voices (to its content and style) until it reaches our father, the Ata. One other idea that came to mind readily was that those close to HRM, the Ata, such as some of his chiefs may be able to convey same to him.

Megba Chakaa.

Long Live His Royalty Majesty, Ata Idakwo Michael Ameh Oboni. Gabaidu!

Long Live Igala kingdom!!

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!


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