Count us out of any victory party for Kogi Governor & Deputy – ICDA Trustees

Kogi Governor and his Deputy

By Dr Omakoji Oyiguh and Hon David Ogu

It has become pertinent to present the situation report of the apex Igala socio-cultural organization (ICDA) for the purpose of the overall good, integrity and development of the Igala nation. It is purely on the basis of the above that the registered Board Of Trustees of the ICDA wishes to make the following statements on the state of the ICDA.

Recent events and activities before, during and most significantly after the elections as they relate to the pride and psyche of the Igala people calls for passionate concern.

For the purpose of clarity the ICDA operates under two main organs: The registered Board of Trustees and the elected executive organ with the affiliated state chapters and the 9 local LGA branches. The Policy thrust has the overall Interests of the Igala nation and people as the centre piece .

The Board therefore presents this situation report for the purpose of forestalling probable incidence of the semblance of internal crisis in the Association. That certainly would not present the Igala people in good light. There no are crisis.
Even in the previous incidences of lack of consultations by the executive organ leading to actions quite unconscionable, the Board had taken steps to go about them amicably .

Be it known therefore that,
1. It is open secret that in the past two years the ICDA has been managing an internal conflict due to certain actions taken on behalf of the ICDA without due consultation and approval of the BOT.
2. The conflict came to a peak with allegations of obvious partisanship of the Executive of the ICDA in supporting one political party against the other and apparently using the organs of the ICDA to perpetuate this agenda.
3. The BOT has managed through diplomacy to keep the Association together until now.
4. BOT is however appalled by the recent statement of the Executive to organize a ‘victory ‘ party for the elected Governor and Deputy Governor of the State.
5. This party coming at the heels of the gruesome, in human and criminal murder of a daughter of Igala land is indeed insensitive and unconscionable
6.The Igala nation and people are at the moment in sorrowful and mourning mood and any action,events that smarks of any celebration, fanfare tantamounts to sheer insensitivity, inhumanity, mockery of the feelings of relatives of the victims and casualties of the various levels of assaults, vandalism and gruesome murders.
7. No humane and genuinely sensitive organisation would be so complacent and numb as to think of a fanfare within such a short period.
8. The BOT therefore wishes to state that it has no hand in the purported party and that the ICDA Executive did not consult the BOT.
9. The BOT wishes to inform all sons and daughters of Igala land that it is in the process of strengthening and reforming the ICDA, including legal provisions that provide for effective oversight and disciplinary control over the Executive
10. The BOT wishes to re affirm its commitment to the promotion of the Cultural and general development of Igala land.
11.The President and the Executive Council of ICDA are sincerely advised to take a second look at the planned gatherings that are not intended to heal wounds, promote reconciliation and build peace.
12.The Board appreciate the steps been taken in government quarters to foster reconciliation and strongly advise the ICDA Executive Council to follow the same path.
13. The Board wishes to admonish the Executive to always consult widely and embrace dialogue in its engagement with the people in the process of planning and executing its activities.
14.We insist that the Interest of the Igala nation is paramount at all times. Such positive steps have been supported and commended in the past.
15. Thank you and God bless you all. Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New year

 Oyiguh and Ogu are Chairman and Secretary of the board of trustees



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