Igala Agenda and the threat of minority status

Rousy welcome to Igala land for the PDP Kogi guber candidate, Musa Wada

By Ajogwu Jerry Ochada

Politics is beyond blabbing and the flex of online mobile data but a constructive voyage that features positive revolts of the mindset by clinching on to the collective will of patriotic populace aimed at bettering the lives of the masses in any given locality of assessment.

It is mind boggling but sympathetically amusing to dissect the way and manner the Igalas ignited a fight without any traces of result-oriented arsenal; not even a fist, set to defend the outcome of a wrong outing nicknamed as “Igala Agenda”.

The just concluded Kogi election is an eye-opener and the most viable contemporary default for pundits to learn NEVER AGAIN to repeat or permit the gross deviations of ethnic agenda in the face of obvious disunity. Politics is beyond the egocentric interest of a miniature of the population and any agenda that cannot unite the people is baked on weak foundations.

Take a look at how the Igalas fought themselves before and during the just concluded elections feigning unity buried in the most chanted graveyard of an obviously weak sentimental agenda that never existed in reality. The forbearer of Igala Agenda – Late Dr Stephen Schema – died and was buried with his patriotic standpoint and beliefs for the Igala race.

The recent sentimental attachments switching or bewitching is more or less ‘Ajipu’ (pocket) agenda. The outcome of the 2019 Kogi Guber defines this submission.

Now that the dribbling, propaganda and the obvious insincerity of self-centered kinsmen has sunk the ship that berthed in a desert and never again roared to life, it is instructive for realists and the few men of goodwill to unite synergies by learning how to propel Kogi State to a lofty height by trashing hatred and illogical flair in pursuit of a common course.

No doubts, ethnic agenda has compelled the 9th most populous Nigerian tribe to sip from the cistern of shame hence if we MUST blame the system that spearheaded the outcome, we should not be economical with the first junction of aberrations that tossed our dreams to the wind.

To this end, it is instructive to posit that “Igala Agenda” was nurtured by a notable fallen hero and punctured by a new generation of ethically debased bandwagons with cloned DNA of discrepancy running in their veins in pursuit of a disguised ethnic agenda ruptured by shenanigans of disunity and distrust.

It is time to thrive therefore we must bury every traces of unnecessary strive for us to succeed as one united nation. We all witnessed how the old class of Igala political leaders kept mute and distanced themselves from the election perhaps they assume they are not ‘beneficiaries’. This act is the ugliest peak of self-centredness.

This is not a season of blame game but a sensitive time to retrace our steps towards the right direction by learning from our mistakes with overarching interest not to suffer shame because take it or leave it, the Igalas are fast becoming the minority.

There is no state in Nigeria that was created for a particular ethnic group to rule till eternity but if at all the Igalas derailed and what seems to be a birthright is now a revered seat that can only be sitted upon in the realm of wishful thinking, the hour of deep introspection may revert the order even though it is not our constitutional right.

Conclusively, ethnic agenda is a narrow toll gate to a vineyard occupied by cheap propagandists who are willing to perish together as architects of self mischiefs. The best agitation that can collectively revamp the ship of the confluence state is unity in diversity.

Objectivity in criticisms should be imbibed and the new government should form a unity cabinet to embrace all aggrieved parties. If the status quo – a city of hate ambassadors –continue to trend, the election of 2023 will be rated as a mere repeat of the old greed and seek of disorderliness.

In all, violence is not an electoral tool but it is fast becoming a norm in our politics especially in the Eastern flank (Ane Igala). Comparably, Okun and Ebira areas were relatively peaceful during the last polls but the style of casualties recorded on the Igala soil where brethren continue to maim and kill themselves over ‘nothing’ is alarming.

We must be ready to succeed together as a people or perish together as fools. We must remove the veil of ethnicity that could not propel our agenda rather we witnessed a shaming engagement of kinsmen shooting themselves on the leg – in deed and in actions – now, the question we ought to ask ourselves is, for how long will this ignoble act continue? It is time to preach the notions of Igala unity towards the development of Kogi State.


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