My Generation, Our Desperation

youths brandishing machetes for thuggery

By Sule Isa Akagwu Kpaleko

At least before politics we are brothers and am very optimistic we shall continue our brotherhood even after politics, but it is very unfortunate and worrisome the length, way and manner at which we are casting aspersion on ourselves just because of politics.

It won’t augur well for our collective interest, peaceful coexistence and social development of our society.

Just because of politics we can not drink water from our brothers house out of fear of unknown. Little wonder the spirit of oneness and togetherness has eluded our generation even without general acceptance to this fact but that is just the truth.

Just because of politics, a temporary scene at most eight years ago or less we are given ourselves all sort of names just to prove a point or to please our various principals. Come to think of this: Does the end actually justify the means? Is politics actually worth all these garbage submission on ourselves?

Though one thing is certain in life, elections will come and and go but the scenario before, during and aftermath of the elections shall remain history in our lives. What do we intend to benefit by discrediting one for another falsely just for the temporary benefits/interest that we hope to derive from our various leaders? Of what interest must we condemn our contemporaries just because of politics? Is it really true that morality is dead and buried long ago in our generation?

Now that our own politics has became like this, we must all realize that DESTINY and PERSEVERANCE are key for everyone. Whatever is not meant to be can never be realized no matter our collective efforts. Story abounds on several personalities that have tried hard to actualise their political dreams with all means available to no avail today some of them are no more but their antecedent speaks volumes. That’s the power of Destiny.

It is about time we said something on the political antics of the youth in the society.
It is about time we advised our brothers, relatives, friends and various principals to avoid desperation in the political circle and all spheres of life.
It is about time we stopped instigating people against another.
It is about time we stopped using our social media elements as an avenue for obstruction of peace and social cohesion.
It is about time we stopped being attack dogs for our various principals.
It is about time we realised that politics is not an avenue to galvanize things for yourself.
It is about time we realised that our precious life should not been used as an instrument for destruction.

Just remember the power of ONE DAY.

That day everything we have shall be of no value for us. That day all the truth and lies we said shall be our best judge. That same day all the good things in life shall pass away. Let us at least for the sake of this ONE DAY work for peace and not pieces, let us at least be milky to ourselves instead of aspersion, at least let us remain silent on our brothers if we have no positive remarks instead of been tough and harsh for whatever we sow that we shall harvest…

KARMA is always a relentless force.

Thank you.



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