Attah Igala greets President Buhari during the visit

By Atejunomi Otidi

Tomorrow beckons

(A poem on the visit of the Kogi Traditional Rulers Council to President Buhari on the 19th of June 2019)

                                                           This is an ominous season

Right seems to be wrong and wrong seems to right

The game now is survival

Integrity has been thrown out through the window

The brigands have taken centre-stage

The highways are deserted

The bye ways are treacherous

Hearts are broken

Loved ones are captured

As game by the outlaws for ransome

Does anybody care?

Shall we cry?

Shall we mourn?

I don’t know.

I only know that tomorrow beckons

The rewarder of all deeds is waiting

Soon it shall be

Not long, not long

My only resort


Pray and pray again.

Perhaps the omnipotent

in His mercies will hear and deliver

Will He destroy the righteousness with the treacherous?

No! Never!

Not in His character

As He seeks a man to stand in the gap

I pray and fast perhaps He will hear me

Just perhaps!


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