The Many Colours of our Problems – The Human Factor


By Austeen Anibe Otene

We live in a country where everyone wants and think to be right even when they are openly wrong.


This becomes complex because the world with humans is naturally a selfish turf. One in which we naturally want to get everything just for ourselves. That is the definition “SELFISH PERSONAL INTERESTS” laced with pride.


When we are engulfed with pride, it overshadows our conscience and cast doubt over our hearts internally such that it beclouds our sense of empathy thereby causing us to always see things as if they were right even when it obvious that they are wrong.


Pride impedes on our emotional intelligence and this births inferiority complex. Complex introduces fear. The fear of being overtaken. When we become clothed with such fears, the standards become wickedness which begets evil.

But one inevitable truth is that overtaking is on a natural cause which has a relationship with destiny. When we understand that destiny is comparative to hard work and faith, then we would have started on easing the burden of fear.


Another concern is the area of contentment. While growing up as a child, I was taught that all fingers are not and cannot become equal no matter the level of hard work or manipulation that may be employed.

Today, we have a country polarized with a mindset of “I MUST BE RICH”. This has led so many persons most especially, the younger generation, to get involved with all sorts of crime ranging from drug abuse to financial crime known as “yahoo yahoo” or 419.


Lack of contentment begets confidence loss which also begets unhealthy competition and in turn becomes our albatross. The undoing is the fact that we are all somewhat involved directly or indirectly. We see them, we don’t condemn their actions, we don’t counsel them or even report them to the appropriate authorities.

Now how can we nip these societal ills in the bud?


Crime thrives in silence and ignorance, which are not acceptable before the law.

We usually don’t act what we preach most of the times. One sector of the contemporary Nigerian society that has added to this burden is the generation 2.0 Christendom, with the influx of “some” self-ordained pastors and prophets in the Christian community.

Little wonder the Bible warned against fake pastors and end time display of spiritual fantasies.


Also, not forgetting Jesus Christ warned that many will cast demons out in his name but not everyone that calls him father, father, will enter his kingdom. Hence he said, we must test all spirits.

Today, they tell you about your problems which they will, in most cases get it correctly but they are unable to provide solutions. This is where the almighty God has no comparisons with human knowledge.


Rather than charge young people to learn skills, they ask you to pray. Yes, it is okay to pray because Matt 7:7 talked about the asking place. But then, your faith is dead, I mean absolutely dead without works. While we are busy praying, the west and advanced nations are innovating something that will subject us and our children to their authority in the future.


Once again, Rwanda pops up in my head. Do you know, in Rwanda, before you become a pastor, you must acquire a certification in theology else you are not authorized to preach. Now, this is in a sane society from every standard where they will not polarize the society with hate and religious fanaticism.

How do you become a pharmacist, doctor, an architect, engineer etc, without acquiring the requisite certifications and right to practice. Nigeria MUST as a matter of urgency invoke sanity in the area of religious administration.


Aha, some religious fanatics will say it is sacred to talk about this subject. I beg to have a different view from you on this. Some of these pastors tell their congregation to pray and fast for wealth while, they ask the congregation to donate to the church when they (pastors) need to make wealth in form of tithes and offerings and faith seeds.


Yet they ride in the biggest of cars and fly private jets all in the name of “The earth is of the lord and the fullness thereof, and a large percentage of their members still find it difficult to have a good life. Remember, I talked about selfishness and personal interests earlier, that is what it is.


No doubt some pastors have distinguished themselves in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. Example is the Omega Power Ministry (OPM) and a very few which probably makes up 2% of the entire pastoral class.


Don’t come after me now on this when I say we are responsible to a large extent when leaders fail to lead well. We are, because we accept everything thrown at us. We don’t demand for accountability, responsible and responsive leadership. Before you come with an attack, stand before a mirror, the image you see is the outcome of the problems or the gains we have experienced or currently expressing as a people. So ask yourself in which part of the divide do you belong to?


It’s a Sunday morning. Have a great day!


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