#GanajaGate: The Consipiracy and the Confession

Ganaja Junction where the purported flyover was to be constructed

By Austeen Anibe Otene

They conspired against the beautiful people of Kogi State, they lampoon on our common patrimony to rip and bleed our economy. They lie everyday and contradict themselves.

Listening to the CoS to the Kogi State Governor, Edward Onoja pride on National Television that they owe 10 scary months salary is the final stretch of the low they have gone. Since the commencement of this administration, it has been about one screening to another screening which is never ending.

This supposedly is the strategy to hold civil servants captive.

One would think after the layoff of almost half of the State civil service workforce as a result of one purported devilish unending screening, one would think that this absurdity called non-salary payment and the inhuman percentage payment would have been history today. But here we are, still swimming in this bottomless sea of subjective political slavery.

The sad thing about this government is the recklessness in flaking over our State fund.

Reports have it that an aide to the Governor, PA on domestic, Kabiru Oniene is alleged to have about 7 houses in Okene, he is also alleged to have bought another land close to First bank in Okene for 25million naira. Yet they have blatantly refused to pay workers salaries. I hope investigative journalism will help us to unfold the passive ownership of Enyo Gas Stations around the country someday.

This government can never be trusted for a second chance as they lack the simple and common basis of governance which is trust. Our people keep dying, children not getting quality healthcare and education, our parents living in abject poverty simply because a few set of persons in the Lugard House have signed it as their imaginary tyrannical laws.

Just days ago, a 45-year-old widow, a mother of 5 slumped and died barely a week after judiciary workers called off their five months old strike without salaries. Could be as a result of continuous thinking and depression which must led to either of High Blood Pressure or Heart Attack?

This is so unfortunate and you still have some persons still applauding this wickedness? SHAME!

There is nothing truthful about this clueless government girded with pathological liars. One new lie to justify every lie they have told and tell.


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