Uja Ibe: Why Igala Youths Must Shun Thuggery

Igaka Youths

By Ajogwu Jerry Ochada

For many, Abutu is a local champion but to his party, he is a great asset renowned for causing chaos during elections. The gloomy look on the faces of the people explain the scenario; the end of Abutu in the locality is here, as soon as his body is lowered his name will only be remembered in the circle of rogues who have refused to learn from the mistake of their criminally minded mentors.

However, none of his sponsor could even honour him to pay their last respect. This is the price many have paid and the gullible will still pay for the benefits of dubious politicians.

Dear Igala Youths!
Our ancestors tagged politics ‘Uja Ibe’ which literally translates as a game of the mindset. How come our youths have drifted to become stooges, unrepentant sycophants and political thugs killing innocent citizens and their kinsmen all in the name of politics. There is no need working for politicians whose children are swelling in luxuries while thugs are armed with guns to kill and intimidate the opposition.

Uja Ibe does not require the use of brut. It is the ideology of likeminds that should thrive during the polls, not the waste of innocent souls and threat. Election is not a time to fight, it is another epoch time to rub minds and effect a solution that can improve the plight of the masses.

Election should not break us; it should be a bonding force and a smooth transition process that will help steer our beloved state to greater heights. Abomi Igala! Let’s strive to erase the bad political history sponsored by many who paid the prize and are no more.

Anyigba is not a theatre of war; onu kpeche ekpibe!

We are all set to vote and it is time exercise our civic right. It is not a time to fight. Don’t sell your votes. It’s Uja Ibe. Your polling unit is not a duel ground!


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