Time to revisit Attah Ameh Oboni’s mystical powers


By Sule Isa Akagwu Kpaleko

Igala Nation is reknown amongst it contemporaries not because we are the ninth largest tribe in Nigeria, not even because we are in Kogi State or because we were in control of the affairs of the state for long time but because history has a place for us during the early days of amalgamation.

The supremacy of Igala Nation over the entire Kwararafa Kingdom gave us an edge for years. The victory and colonisation of Benin people by the Igala Nation were part of the antecedents that built the great Igala Nation and people. All thanks to Inikpi Ome Ufedo Attah, Oma’Odoko, Abutu Eje, Atabo Ijomi, Ekele Aga and other Attahs that made the freedom that we enjoying today possible.

The scenerio of Ogbaikolo Ototolo and Onu Sanusi of great Kano Emirate is still fresh in our memory. The only traditional ruler that refused to subject himself and Kingdom to both Britsh and Arabian invasion. The man that made ikpelikpe disease a thing of the past, most of the actions of Ogbaikolo Ototolo are effective till date, the gully erosion that bedeviled Ankpa township is one of the scenario of his time, the unproductive coconut trees in Dekina town and its serene nature was linked to this great man. Up till his death he promised a more united Igala nation where peace, development, love and together would reign supreme the moment his lineage steps in.

All this these actions and many more led to the emergence of the current Atta Igala His Royal Majesty Attah Micheal Ameh Oboni II. My passionate appeal for his Highness is to kindly visit the Achekwu of his late father the great Ameh Oboni I to checkmate and affirm the remaining ayibos of Ogbaikolo Ototolo for effective usage to bring peace and fertility to the land and redeem our images and lost glory. It is awful that innocent blood of Igala extraction and non Igalas has been wasted and is still being shed including that of traditional rulers by various vagabonds around us. The activities of armed robbers, occultists, hired assassins, thugs and of recent, herdsmen, are not palatable for our socio-political co-existence.

Your Royal Majesty, Igala nation’s expectations on you are very high, i am seeking your indulgence to redirect your royal policy for a program that will have direct bearing on the lives of our people. We are not happy with the situation of the people of Ibaji to Igalamela down to Ofu across Dekina to Bassa and Ankpa local government areas.

It is pathetic that we have no good roads network, potable pipe born water and effective electricity supply. It is most unfortunate that electrical poles have become a mere decoration in our various countryside, our farmers has been colonised by the various companies and middle men to the detriment of our people, our land is no longer productive as a result of shedding of human blood everyday.

Let all the traditional rulers in Igala land assemble themselves together and find a lasting solution to our problems. Our challenges are beyond various traditional festivals, until we have peace before we can’t talk of togetherness. The man with no roof on his head would not have time to discuss oneness of Igala nation neither the people whose houses are on fire. This is the right time to use the mystical power of Ogbaikolo Ototolo.

Thank you all.

Sule Isa Akagwu Kpaleko writes from Anyigba, Kogi State


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