IGALA NATION: Understanding the times and season

Map of Igala land (PHOTO CREDIT: atayibabs)

By Ocholi E Odekina

Welcome to 2018, I bring season greetings from Odoba Ogagwu to all the Igala sons, daughters, fathers, mothers and grannies.

Indeed, despite the sound of dirge across the land and the lamentations from the unabated economic doldrums in the previous year, we should still summon enough courage to thank God and celebrate within the available grace which has kept our land and people together in peace in the midst of all of it.

The faithfulness of God in all of that is unquestionably manifest in the testimony of our survival . To GOD be the glory.

God has never kept quiet over the people he created. He leads them per time with his divine instructions or directions. He reveals his plan and purpose to his messengers per time and season . And when God speaks everything He created hears and are conditioned to obey. There’s nothing created by God that has the capacity to disobey his will and purpose.

So God speaks about nations in other to situate them properly in the centre of his purpose. God never creates a thing without a purpose. Purpose is what defines the existence of a thing. God has a divine purpose for the Igala nation.

It is time for the emancipation of the Igala nation. Our jubilee is long past. We have no business dwelling in captivity anymore . It is time to shake off the stains of captivity, wash off and put on the garment of glory, behold the Igala glory is restored. Enough of lamentations, enough of wailings , enough of waiting and watching.

It is time to take back what is hers.
I hear, the one who’s right is not to be there is taken away. I hear he’s now former and ex. I hear the strength of Igala nation is not in abroad but home. Home sweet home.

I hear submit to authority. God is saying we have dissipated so much energy feeding the unprofitable venture called “rebellion “. Come out of it and submit to My ordained headship . Have respect for the headship. Do not desecrate the head. Celebrate the head, don’t fight headship. It is time to lift the head up.

I hear, the mistake of the past where the conspiratics pulled down Atta Ameh Oboni should be seriously avoided . Class 1956 or 57 must never be repeated by the Igala nation. We can’t afford another fifty years in captivity, no God forbid!

He may not look like it but he’s the one ordained to unlock the lost glory. If you fight him, you fight the one that has brought him there. Avoid him, avoid the one behind him. God said he will one after the other take away all the obstacles on his way.

I saw during his reign, what has never worked from the colonial era in Igala land shall now begin to work.
I saw the lubrication of obsolete equipment and their revival.
I saw the flagging off of many landmark projects in the land.
I saw men of different colours come to partake of the nourishing milk of the land.
I saw massive deployments of equipment for the development of the land.
I saw God bypassing haters of the land to bring in new things in to the land.

For those who have shed innocent bloods , God shall average. For those seeking power at the expense of innocent blood, God shall by himself stop them. A wind of God’s judgement and vengeance shall blow across Igala land. Those who work against the land shall go down and those who work for the land shall go up. Those who painstakingly invest in the land without the aim of showing off, God shall reward them with the good of the land.

The current reawakening of cultural values and self worth shall yet again blossom, the world shall be more attracted to it and the demand for the Igala content shall be on the raise.

More voices shall join the renewed Igala consiousness. The old walls shall be built again. God is raising the builders of the old walls across the land. God shall turn the hearts of many homeward. When the time of shaking and re arrangements shall come, I see Igala nation dancing home.

Let those who sheds innocent blood in the name of politics shed no more.
Let those who pull others dawn in the name of politics do so no more.
Let those who trades in sycophancy trade no more.
Let the divisionists divide no more.
The evil conspiracy to bar the just from rulership shall be broken.

I pray against all the evil siege layed against Igala land.
I pray against the spirit of division, greed and selfishness.
I pull down every demon of rebellion manipulating the people.
I release the stars of Igala nation to shine globally.

Every power stopping men and women of understanding from emerging in places of authority is broken in Jesus name. There shall be no more untimely death in the land in Jesus name. No more shall the princes be walking while the servants ride on horsebacks in Jesus name.

I dismantle every demonic arrangement cutting dawn the destiny of Igala leaders prematurely in Jesus mighty name. Every evil gate limiting the stars of Igala from shining nationally , be lifted in Jesus mighty name. Father let the spirit of wisdom and understanding rest on the Atta Igala and all the chiefs across Igala land in Jesus mighty name.

Father, in the days ahead, cause the spirit of unity to envelope the entire Igala in Jesus mighty name. Father, make with Igala a covenant of peace and cause the evil beast to cease out of her land in Jesus mighty name. Satanic conspiracy in high places against the headship of Igala nation is destroyed in Jesus mighty name. Father heal Igala land of ancient bitterness in Jesus mighty name.

I decree the release of the Igala wealth and prosperity in Jesus name.

I want to categorically state that I am not sent to Christians or Muslims, I am sent to Igala people and Igala land.
Happy new year and best of wishes to all Amomayes .

Igala must nyogba chuu! !!

ODEKINA, a Prophetic Apostle and author of ANE’GALA, the Prophetic Angle writes from Ikeja, Lagos.


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