By Inaju U Inaju

The Quadrant Dance

The modern town crier will announce the next quadrant dance, publicly

The faithful, the meek and the believers will troop out, publicly

Under rain, under blistering sun, stand they patiently and publicly,

Taking turn to stain their finger with the blue blood

Of the quadrant dance that is performed every four years, publicly

Proudly, they will bear the mark of the quadrant dance, publicly

On their heart and on their index finger publicly

The unbelievers and the sceptics will watch from the sidelines, publicly

Hoping and praying to be proven wrong by the kingmakers, publicly

Both the believers and unbelievers want one thing, publicly

That their dance be recognised as the only dance to the throne, publicly

For now, all they have, in common, is the hope of recognition, publicly

Yet, like the sceptics, even the believers spread their doubts, publicly

Will the prayers of the faithfuls be answered for once, publicly?

Or will  the unbelievers and sceptics be right again, publicly?

Or will the believers suffer another unanswered quadrant prayer, publicly?

The answer is floating in the air, at sea and in the crevices, publicly

Like the show that the quadrant dance is, the kingmakers sold tickets, publicly

As usual, smile and smile to the banks the kingmakers, publicly

Anointed kinglets, with gusto, kick-off another shameless quadrant dance of loot, publicly

With one hand on the Bible, and another on the Quran, they swear publicly

To loot our common patrimony while feeding us crumbs and daring us publicly

Oh Africa, when shall your children find leaders with love and shame, publicly

Who will make the quadrant dance meaningful and useful to all in public

The gold, the diamond and the oil, the sun and the rain may not last forever

The faithful and the unbelievers will jaw-jaw. Tired, they would rest publicly

Hoping against hope for the next quadrant dance  that will bend to their wishes, publicly

So many shattered hopes in the quest for a better tomorrow with every quadrant

As the faithfuls disagree to agree, they must build a bridge to the sceptics  publicly

The sceptics and unbelievers must speak of what they know of the quadrant dancers, publicly

Until the death of current quadrant dancers and their drummers, whither thee Africa


(on  board KLM from Entebbe to Amsterdam 29-30 August 2017)


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