KOGI: When Men Lack Ideas and Vision

Map of Kogi state

By Atejunomi Otidi

My beloved Compatriots

It is with great pleasure that I have accepted to write this column on salient issues of our time.

This column will seek to highlight important issues in the conduct of our national life with the perspective of a nationalist that happens to have originated from Kogi State and Igalaland.

From time to time, we may also take a peep at happenings in the international arena but mostly with the intention of examining their impact on Igala kingdom and with a view to offering suggestions on credible response.

We shall strive at all times to glorify God and to seek the good and well-being of our people, their livelihood and their environment. In these, there shall be no compromise!

Kogi: From yesterday to today

Our dear State is an amalgamation of ethnic nationalities comprising, Igala, Okun, Ebira, Bassa, Kakanda, Ogori, Oworo, Eggan, Gbagyi and other smaller ethnic dialects.

The groups were amalgamated under one administration by the Colonial Administration and called Kabba Province in the defunct Northern Nigeria.

 In spite of various political and administrative changes, the geographical configuration of the area comprising the State has remained largely intact. 

Unfortunately, our long history of togetherness that ought to have been a factor of strength, unity and advancement was untapped and the over-a-century long bond of togetherness mismanaged in the last twenty-eight years.

Thus, the various constituent ethnic groups are now at daggers drawn.  Politics and political administration has become warfare and thuggery, devoid of a strategic approach to human, spiritual and physical development of the area.

 The ethnic groups are disunited and are always seeking to take advantage of each other or acquire unfair advantages.

This situation has ensured the evolution of a political leadership that owes its legitimacy to ethnic championship, corruption and brute force as exemplified by the political thuggery of these days.

 The result of all these therefore, is that the state instead of developing has degenerated to levels never experienced even in the colonial days.  Indeed, the colonial era is now a reference point for good governance thus negating all the efforts expended in fighting for independence.

The absence of vision

When men lack ideas and vision, they resort to primitive tactics and influences to achieve their objectives. The lack of knowledge and fear of God in the conduct of the affairs of our State is the principal cause of our developmental dilemma.

Until God and godliness, standing on the pedestal of justice, equity and righteousness, is enthroned in the governance of our State, we shall be running in circles.

The Challenge of good governance in our State transcends ethnic origin or geography of origin. Underdevelopment, poverty and want has no tribal boundaries. Just as corruption has no ethnic group.

The entire State is underdeveloped and under-represented at all levels. No Senatorial district can today confidently lay claims to having benefitted maximally for our recent political experience. Our youths are growing up disenchanted and without the fear of God in their lives out of frustration.

The evidence of a bleak future is already staring us in the face as we are daily inundated with stories of kidnapping, armed robbery and brazen acts of wickedness.

The current security and developmental crisis require a deep and careful analysis. We need to know where we veered off the path of propriety and how afar amiss we have gone.

We have to get back on the road of a correct, just and orderly society empowered by the people to meet our developmental needs of our dear State.

Therefore, what shall we do?

See you in the next edition.


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