Igala Land Bids Prof Idachaba Farewell

Prof IdachabaAs the entire Igala nation stands still and are about to commit to mother earth today Friday September 12, 2014 at Igala’s ancestral home (Idah), our academic library in human form, a rare visionary theorist with burning desires for real transformation, the Professor of all Professors, Ukomu Igala Organisation and her teaming members worldwide wish to once again commiserate with the families, friends and well-wishers within and outside Nigeria on the glorious demise of our illustrious son and global academic ICON, the Chairman, Board of Trustees of our Organisation (Ukomu Igala)Professor Suleiman Francis Idachaba.
All lovers of our fallen hero (Prof. Francis Idachaba, of blessed memory) who spent their resources and took their time to accord him the deserved heroic welcome from the USA enroute Lagos – Ibadan and finally to Idah yesterday and those who are making last minute brisk effort to witness the final internment this morning at Idah are greatly appreciated.
·    May the soul of our departed Chairman, Board of Trustees, Ukomu Igala Organisation rest in perfect peace.
·       May the legacies of the Great Professor find people that will that will steer the wheel of generational change for his desired progress of Igala people.
·       May all passionate individuals and groups of Igala extraction that worked with the great Prof. to give birth to Ukomu Igala Organisation not be tired in flying the flag of unity and visionary change.
·       Everyone of you that will make it for the final burial today will make the journey in peace and will return back to your destination in peace (Amen).



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